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The Power of Yellow

In 2010 this blog made reference to the power of unions in France and how in the wrong hand’s,  governments can be coerced into providing unsustainable entitlements without recourse to revenues from inevitable tax increases. 

Yellow Vest Protest – Photo courtesy New York Times

The chickens are coming home to roost, not just in France but the European social experiment as a whole, is unraveling. Churchill once said when he was defeated by the socialist Labour Party in England after the war, “all that will happen is, we will provide employment for an additional 450, 000 bureaucrats.” 

And so in France, you have a bloated bureaucracy supported by additional EU bureaucrats all earning significant salaries as well as, often unmonitored expenses. But that is only the tip of the iceberg that is threatening the ship of state. Unrelenting emphasis on France as the moral leader on environmental issues and climate control is making a mockery of the governing elite when there are masses of people who do not have enough to eat, are homeless or simply sick of the taxation and lack of concern for the population as a whole. 

When Macron finally offered an extra EU100 per month to the lowest paid he was treated with derision and Marie Antoinette would have smiled knowingly, as she eyed the tricoteuses gathering in anticipation of his impending dispatch. Macron himself is of course not to blame for the current state of affairs in France, but,  his unsympathetic  and apparent aloofness has been the last straw in the self-flagellation that is France since 1968. 

It is hoped that someone with vision and foresight will come out of this to lead France to a future of increased capital investment, lower corporate and individual taxes, reduced government control, and increased revenue for all.  We should always remember that civil war in an impoverished state, is only a bureaucratic “error of judgment” away.

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