The Coup That Never Ends

We have illustrated in previous articles that the prior Administration aided by the far left and its supportive propaganda arm, the MSM (Main Stream Media), had attempted a bloodless coup of our democracy.

The clinical and methodical strategy employed by ex-President Obama in his words of “transforming America” and assisted by his slavish and adulated supporters was a stroke of distorted genius. The basic premise appears to have been, “how far can I go in usurping my power before someone or something stops me?” The answer of course was, ‘nothing’!

This is not to say that President Obama was unique to the concept of “transforming America” because numerous other entities in the form of George Soros’s Open Society Foundation, and other strong very liberal organizations have been forming multiple translucent alliances, while not joined at the hip, are co-joined in mutual philosophies that are intended to shake the foundations of traditional America.

Through Soros’ Open Society Foundations, the activist financier lavishes billions of dollars on Leftist, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) around the world, promoting abortion, contraception, sterilization and LGBT ideology. Soros has funded anti-government protests in Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Macedonia and Romania, attempting to manipulate national policy to suit his desired ends.

America, by its participation in rescuing the countries of Europe in WWI and WWII is being vilified  by many nations of the world, instead of being hailed as the saviors of democracy and individual freedoms. As we stated in a previous article The “Force” is hypnotizing and mesmerizing whole populations and tilting them toward the “Slippery Slope of Totalitarianism under the guise of progressive policies and ideology.

Laissez faire and capitalism has been the engine of freedom since the end of medieval times and which ended serfdom. It provided the means for the poor and oppressed to rise above their station, economically and politically. In a speech given by David E. Huntley in which he addressed an audience of the American Enterprise Institute at The University of Texas at Arlington August 1989 he stated, ”

The stability of any nation is directly proportional to its economic prosperity. The political emancipation of man has, throughout history been inexplicably tied to his economic well-being. I am of the opinion that, a hungry man believes in the politics of those who will feed him, and maintain him in economic dignity. This kind of political environment is usually only found in democratic societies.”

 SOCCOS believes in economic freedom, which if practiced fairly, provides universal freedom from socialist or totalitarian govt. It is therefore capitalism that provides the mechanism to achieve this end, not socialism or its more sinister counter-part, communism.

What we are experiencing today is the assault on democracy and capitalism through the past Administration’s devious and numerous unlawful acts to promote a stated agenda of transforming America. The unstated aspect of that agenda was and continues to be the undermining of the Constitution to have it interpreted in a way that meets the ideological goals of transformation.

To this end, we see attacks on the current Administration either directly by the MSM with fake news, false reporting, emphasis on negative reports and rarely on positive news, indirectly through frivolous lawsuits designed to block all aspects of the Administration’s agenda. an “independent” counsel probe into suspected Russian collusion with the investigating team made up of predominantly Democratic attorneys, no investigation of Russian influence on Hillary Clinton or the Clinton Foundation over a uranium deal or massive speaking fees paid.

We will outline much more in reports to come of how this country is under threat from within.


December 31, 2017

Happy New Year!


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This author believes in economic freedom, which if practiced fairly, provides universal freedom from socialist or totalitarian govt.
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