The Slippery Slope from Liberalism to Socialism to Totalitarianism

The heading of this article by itself, is sufficient to entice left leaning pundits to rush immediately to defend the ramparts of their ideology.  “What about Capitalists?” they will say. “Can they too develop overwhelming power that can evolve into totalitarianism?”  The answer is of course, no it cannot! There is no evidence in history of any Capitalist who amassed sufficient control over a country’s total industry or infrastructure to a point where the population was subjected to that Capitalist’s totalitarian rule.

On the other hand, history is littered with the debris of shattered economies and lives suffered under the rule of totalitarian governments. One only has to look at Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, Cuba, as well the Eastern European countries that were under the Soviet hammer. Many were founded on the principle of Liberal Socialistic ideology, but, inevitably slid to ever increasing levels of totalitarian rule that snuffed out the flame of man’s individual raison d’etre, freedom!

The slope on the Liberal level is steeper and thus more slippery than its counterpart on the Capitalist level. The Capitalist is intent on developing and nurturing an economic model that when practiced fairly or judiciously, spreads wealth on many levels and over a broad range of the populace. The Liberal Capitalist while maintaining the principles of fiscal activity of the standard Capitalist, will provide sustenance and support to more Left leaning entities that ultimately help proliferate the ideologies of Socialism.

As the ideology of wealth sharing permeates further and further into the Liberal agenda, the bureaucracy required to administer it becomes increasingly cumbersome and difficult to manage. Laws are passed and regulations issued which requires ever increasing numbers of government personnel to implement. A self perpetuating level of hiring for the public sector is needed to service the increased numbers of entitlements and benefits.

To facilitate the maintenance of its power base, i.e. the voting majority, the governing body must continue to provide and enhance the entitlement and benefit programs.  To pay for the excesses brought about by such policies, additional taxes are enacted to extract more and more revenue from commerce and industry in the private sector.  As the slope becomes steeper so the government becomes bolder by funding projects of commercial enterprise that may or may not be viable in the traditional private sector.

  • At this point Ideology begins to trump free enterprise and Capitalism.
  • Gradually, Manipulation of rules, regulations, media, and any or all aspects of fairness toward the main goal, the maintenance of power, becomes the driving force.
  • Avoidance is the next phase, where the governing body Manipulates, to avoid being brought to task over suspected malfeasance by bringing down a fog or cloud of undefined responses that cannot be penetrated to a conclusive objective.
  • Paranoia may emerge if Avoidance is seen to be vulnerable to penetration. Retaliation   against opponents may be then be taken by increased levels of Manipulation as previously described.
  • By emerging from Avoidance without damage in the eyes of its power base, the governing body is then able to consolidate its Manipulation strategy further, to the point where Control  is established in many vital sectors of the economy and of public governance.
  • Finally, with the population under the Control of a Paranoid and Manipulative government, Tyranny may easily follow.

Thus, if the ideology of the Liberal is to ensure the Capitalist works within the moral confines of fairness and justice while maintaining a free society, a more Utopian environment is hard to imagine. Unfortunately, what we are seeing here in the USA and in many other areas of the world is the slippery slope toward totalitarianism.

The great man Sir Winston Churchill told the House of Commons in a complaint about the ruling Socialists; “A mighty army of 450,000 additional civil servants has been taken from the production and added, at a prodigious cost and waste, to the oppressive machinery of government and control.  Instead of helping national recovery this is a positive hindrance.”

On another occasion he said; “The interference of Government Departments with daily life is more severe and more galling. More forms have to be filled up, more officials have to be consulted. Whole spheres of potential activity are frozen, rigid and numb, because this Government has to prove its Socialistic sincerity instead of showing how they can get the country alive and on the move again.”

Does anyone see a corollary here?

Are we lingering on the precipice of totalitarianism under the guise of sharing the wealth?









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This author believes in economic freedom, which if practiced fairly, provides universal freedom from socialist or totalitarian govt.
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